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Photo Of Me

Photo of myself from July 2016

About Me

My birth name is Michela Lee Wisniewski, I usually go by Tyler, I am trans and I go by he/him. I was born on July 9th, 2001, and I am 15. Some of my favorite things to do are listen to music, play guitar, and sing. But, I also love drumming, swimming, drawing, song writing, and talking to my friends through social media or hanging with them at my house. I also enjoy watching tv and movies. Netflix is a site I often use to watch my favorite shows and movies. My favorite shows are How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Office, and Gilmore Girls. My favorite movies happen to be No Kiss List, Suicide Room, and Silence of the Lambs. I spend a lot of time watching tv and on the internet, which isn't great for my health necessarily but they're things I love to do. The internet has become a hobby to me if that makes sense, social media is what I enjoy the most besides music, sometimes my mom yells at me to get off the internet because I'm on it so much. It does take away from TV time though as I seem to be less focused on TV while I'm on my phone. This is why I should probably get out more, but I am a complete computer and internet geek and proud of it.

Other interests

I've talked a lot about music, because it takes up most of my life. But, besides music I have a few other interests, like hairdressing or maybe being a makeup artist. I want to be able to grow up and have tattoos, and there are few jobs that allow that, but hairdressing and makeup often do. Not just that, I do enjoy playing around with makeup and seeing what I can do with it and I've always wanted to learn how to cut hair. I've also had some interest in becoming a youTuber, the only problem with becoming one is that there aren't a lot of people who make it big, you have to have talent or be noticed by someone in order to become popular, which means even if I did start making videos I'd of course need a seperate job. This is also the case with me wanting to be in a band, that's what I'd like to do most. Although finding people can be hard... and so can trying to get your band noticed. In a year or two or even now I hope to start working retail at Hot Topic or Spencer's, it'll get me some money and I could get discounts especially because it's the main store I shop at. In general, jobs are hard to find, especially the ones you love but I'm going to try to find one that I like, even for future references after college. I do intend on going to a 4 year college and try to get a business degree and then another degree in whatever I end up wanting to do.

My Life Summed Up?

Honestly, my life in a nutshell are bands, tv shows, internet, overused memes, being so socially awkward and clumsy that I'm surprised I have the friends that I do. I also tend to find humor in sarcasm or just dry humor but not everyone gets it which can cause some weird looks and probably cause some people to be offended, not always a good thing. One way or another, my life goals are to attend college and go through it with four years and find a job and also try to become noticed in the music industry.